Opel Corsa: State-of-the-art infotainment system

To stay connected with the world, a multimedia infotainment system with seven 4x20 watt loudspeakers now comes with the Corsa. Called "Touch & Connect," this versatile system features a five-inch color touch screen, full navigation coverage for 28 European countries, Bluetooth, iPod and USB connections. It is universally connectible, simple to use and has every convenience for the 21st century built in. This new offer replaces the two navigation systems offered previously (CD 60 and DVD 100). Proposed at a very competitive price, it offers the functionality of a DVD based system thus covering most of Europe at a cheaper price than the previous CD 60 system, and this with numerous additional functionalities.

The Touch & Connect navigation system is easy and intuitive. Its five-inch touch screen display features both 2-D and 3-D (bird view) maps and SD navigation card. Another feature is an option to choose the most ecological route, helping to save fuel and the environment. Points of interest can also be downloaded by the user.

It also has an intelligent commuter function that uses TMC information to propose alternative routes in case of traffic problems, even when navigation is not active. This function is of special interest to commuters who know their routes but want to be automatically informed of traffic jams on their way.

Bluetooth connectivity allows for safe, hands-free telephoning - even displaying address books on the screen - and is iPhone compatible. It also allows audio streaming and displays music titles on screen. iPODs have full control and browsing capability with no special cables needed. USB sticks can also be used on the new system.

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