Opel Corsa: Small car showcases big ideas

True to Opel's philosophy, the Opel Corsa also features innovative technologies at an affordable price, including halogen Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL), a heated steering wheel, Hill Start Assist, a panorama sunroof or the integrated FlexFix bicycle carrier which is unique to Opel.

The small Opel powerhouse's halogen Adaptive Forward Lighting offers more safety with dynamic curve and static cornering light. Dynamic curve light ensures improved illumination around bends by swiveling the headlamps up to 15 degrees right and left of the vehicle into the oncoming curve. Static cornering light illuminates an area to the right or left of the vehicle up to a 90 degree angle, a big help when maneuvering in poorly lit areas. The Corsa's AFL system also comes with parking lights in the rear and darkly tinted headlamps.

A unique comfort feature in this class is the optional steering wheel heating, which quickly warms up drivers' hands. The temperature reaches approximately 34° C to provide ideal steering wheel warmth on cold days.

The Opel Corsa's Hill Start Assist holds the vehicle on grades of three percent or steeper for 1.5 seconds after the brake pedal is released. This technology essentially eliminates "roll-back" on hills when the vehicle needs to be stopped momentarily and ensures easier, confident "drive away" on grades.

The large panorama sunroof allows plenty of outside light in, creating a feeling of roominess and enhanced design to the Corsa. The aerodynamically optimized form with integrated wind deflector also prevents the humming noise that usually occurs, even with the sliding roof fully open. When the roof is closed, the interior noise level is reduced thanks to 2-chamber insulation.

In line with Opel's commitment to offer easy and comfortable fully integrated flexibility, the Opel Corsa is available with the FlexFix carrier system - the optimal transport solution for bicycles. Opel is the only manufacturer to offer the innovative FlexFix system which requires no installation or removal - it simply pulls out of the rear bumper like a drawer. A simple pull of the lever situated near the lip of the trunk and the carrier slides out of the bumper. No special equipment or tools are needed. When not in use, the FlexFix drawer can simply be pushed back to stow away almost invisibly in the rear bumper. The FlexFix bike carrier, which features additional rear lights, can carry up to two bicycles with wheel sizes from 18 to 28 inches. The maximum weight capacity is 40 kg, with each bike weighing up to 20 kg. For optimal safety, an acoustical warning signal engages when the car is in reverse.

A special transportation box with 160 liter load volume is offered as an accessory and can be fitted to the FlexFix system, making it even more flexible.

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