Opel Vectra: Design: Dynamic front in new Opel design language and high-quality interior

The most distinctive feature of the new four and five-door Vectra sedan, Vectra station wagon and Opel Signum is the newly designed front end - a further development of the new Opel design language. Together with the characteristic shoulder line, the front expresses dynamics and sportiness. Further distinctive characteristics are the typical Opel crease in the engine hood, sharper tapering of the front bumper and, most notably, the new headlamps, which stretch into the newly-formed fender and hood. With their cylindrical, chrome-colored lamp units behind clear glass, the headlamps are the eye-catching highlight of the front of the Vectra and Signum. A wide chrome crossbar with large Opel emblem is the dominant feature of the grille. A black lattice structure and large side air-intakes with integrated fog lamps emphasize the dynamic appearance of the Vectra's front end. To visually underline the special position of the Signum as a prime example of dynamics and elegance combined with unique interior flexibility, the designers set additional accents in the front design of the new version. A central air-intake surrounded by a U-shaped chrome frame and chrome-ringed fog lamps emphasize the vertical lines and communicate a discreet elegance.

The interior of the Signum and Vectra is more than ever defined by high quality look and feel. The top sections of the instrument panel and door trim have a new, leather-look grain.

The cockpit makes a lighter, more elegant impression, thanks to the new contours of the instrument panel, the rounded corners of air vents and the chrome-colored controls (from Edition). This is all complemented by newly designed décor trim with inlays in wood, aluminium, or carbon-look "Silver Line" (from Edition in dual-color) and a sweeping dome over the instruments. All versions of the new Vectra and Signum feature a sporty, three-spoke steering wheel.

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