Opel Corsa Owners Manual: High beam, Headlight flash, Headlight range adjustment

High beam

High beam
High beam

To switch from low to high beam, push lever.

To switch to low beam, push lever again or pull.

Headlight flash

To activate the headlight flash, pull lever.

Headlight range adjustment

Manual headlight range
Manual headlight range adjustment

To adapt headlight range to the vehicle load to prevent dazzling: Push button required setting is displayed on the step-by-step until the
required setting is displayed on the odometer display. The display shows for 4 seconds when low beam is switched on or every time the beam range is changed, together with the symbol ?.

0 = Front seats occupied.

1 = All seats occupied.

2 = All seats occupied and load compartment laden.

3 = Driver's seat occupied and load compartment laden.

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