Opel Zafira

Opel Zafira

The Opel Zafira is a compact MPV engineered and produced Opel.

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Service information
In order to ensure economical and safe vehicle operation and to maintain the value of your vehicle, it is of vital importance that all maintenance work is carried out at the proper intervals as s ...

Manual mode
Move selector lever out of position D towards the left and then forwards or backwards. + = Shift to a higher gear. - = Shift to a lower gear. If a higher gear is selected when vehicle speed is ...

Tyre designations
E.g. 185/65 R 15 88 T 185 = Tyre width, mm. 65 = Cross-section ratio (tyre height to tyre width), %. R = Belt type: Radial. RF = Type: RunFlat. 15 = Wheel diameter, inches. 88 = Load index e.g. ...