Opel Insignia: Opel Eye: Reads road signs, warns sleepy drivers and improves safety

Opel offers another leading technology in the Insignia: The Opel Eye, a camera that aids drivers in two different ways. The Traffic Sign Recognition function reads speed limit and no-passing signs and displays them on the instrument panel. The Lane Departure Warning alerts drivers when they unintentionally veer out of their lane. Together, these two integrated systems improve driving safety, reduce stress and can even prevent costly speeding tickets.

The Opel Insignia can detect road signs and lane markings thanks to a high-resolution wide-angle camera mounted on the windshield, which takes 30 pictures per second. Those images are then filtered by two signal processors with the help of proprietary GM software. If a match occurs, the speed limits and no-passing road signs are displayed as a symbol in the center of the instrument panel between the main round dials. The information can be recalled with the push of a button situated on the steering wheel.

The camera also checks whether drivers stay in their chosen lane on the highway. This helps prevent a dangerous situation such as drivers falling asleep at the wheel by warning them with a gong sound and a blinking signal on the instrument panel. The Lane Departure Warning and Traffic Sign recognition systems can be deactivated via a button on the steering wheel.

These new features enhance driving excitement by informing drivers without intervening in the driving experience.

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