Opel Insignia: New Seats: More comfort and optimal ergonomics

GM Europe engineers in Rüsselsheim have used the most up-to-date technology to develop new front seats for the new Opel Insignia, improving safety as well as comfort and posture -- an area often neglected although it plays a major role in the occupant's health. Petite and large drivers alike will find Insignia's seats safe and comfortable thanks to the extended range of settings. They have a height adjustment range of 65 mm. Moreover, at 175 mm, the seat back is two centimeters thicker than previous Opel cars, adding a plushier feel.

On Sport seats, occupants with long legs can extend the length of the front seats cushion up to three centimeters by a pull-out front section. They can also tilt the cushion by three degrees. A four-way lumbar support is standard in the sport seat, while power adjustment and fan ventilation are optional. Engineers have greatly enhanced the ventilation operation helping to lower noise level and improved performance from a suction-based design. The new Opel also features newest-generation active head restraints as standard, providing front occupants with highly effective protection against whiplash injuries.

The orthopedic benefits of the sport seats were awarded a much coveted seal of approval from Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V - an independent panel of ergonomics experts and doctors in Germany.

The Insignia's heavily contoured rear seats also offer excellent lateral body support. For the first time in an Opel, the outer rear seat backs can be optionally fitted with side airbags for additional passenger protection.

Tailor-made Driving Excitement Easier with Wide Array of Options

With innovative features like the Opel Eye camera system as well as a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art infotainment and communication systems, the new Opel Insignia is designed to bring excitement back to the driving experience. Customers can tailor the new car to their needs and desires with four different trim levels and a wide palette of options.

With its four equipment variants - Essentia, Edition, Sport and Cosmo - the new Opel Insignia meets every comfort level. In addition to extensive standard equipment that concentrates on safe driving, many options are new or represent an Opel "first" in this class.

The new Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) generation with nine light beam settings allows driving with ease in diverse conditions. Rear side airbags and two driving safety devices - Traffic Sign Detection and Lane Departure Warning - called the Opel Eye make driving safer.

The new infotainment generation includes a seven-inch color monitor, 3-D map view, digital travel guide and improved scroll and zoom functions. In addition, all trim levels include as standard iPod or MP3 USB ports with the navigation system in the center console. The monitor gives improved access to MP3 files and directories and the iPod interface uses iPod functions such as track list.

Accessing these functions is easier through a multi-function controller, also new for the Insignia. In conjunction with the CD 500 Navi and DVD 800 Navi systems, the controller uses a turn/push selection action that is located on the center console between the front seats (in combination with the electric parking brake). It is a particularly convenient alternative for tall drivers who sit well back in their seats. All the functions are the same as those on the lower rotary knob in the audio unit.

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