Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Vehicle data recording and privacy

Event data recorders

The vehicle has a number of sophisticated systems that monitor and control several vehicle data.

Some data may be stored during regular operation to facilitate repair of detected malfunctions, other data is stored only in a crash or near crash event by systems commonly called event data recorders (EDR).

The systems may record data about the condition of the vehicle and how it was operated (e.g. engine speed, brake application, seat belt usage).

To read this data special equipment and access to the vehicle is required.

This will take place when the vehicle is serviced in a workshop. Some data is electronically fed into GM global diagnostic systems. The
manufacturer will not access information about a crash event or share it with others except ■ with the consent of the vehicle owner or, if the vehicle is leased, with the consent of the lessee, ■ in response to an official request of police or similar government office, ■ as part of the manufacturer's defense in case of legal proceedings,
■ as required by law.

In addition, the manufacturer may use the collected or received data ■ for the manufacturer's research needs,
■ to make it available for research needs where appropriate
confidentiality is maintained and need is shown,
■ to share summary data which is not tied to a specific vehicle with other organisations for research purposes.

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