Opel Meriva: Entering into a new era of doors

Opel Meriva opens up a new dimension in rear seat access with unique rear-hinged rear doors. The FlexDoors concept is a first from a volume manufacturer in the industry. Unlike the few well-known rear-hinged doors systems available, FlexDoors features full-sized doors which open independently without the need for a clamshell overlap by the front doors. A conventional B-pillar makes this independent opening possible, while ensuring good body rigidity and side impact protection. In addition, it has a handle that further facilitates entry and exit.

FlexDoors provide great functionality by making it easy to get into and out of the rear seat. Locating the door hinges on the C-pillar also allows more clearance for passengers' feet to swing past the B-pillar flange. The FlexDoors also open up to 84 degrees, much wider than conventional doors, for which 68-70 degrees is the usual standard. Front passengers also benefit from the same 84 degrees opening angle. FlexDoors are also more ergonomic and convenient for the front passengers to open FlexDoors when stowing a jacket, a briefcase or an umbrella behind the front seat.

FlexDoors also provide greater safety, especially for young families. Parents can reach into the rear seat more easily to help with buckling up, and children can be more safely guided when getting in and out of the vehicle. For example, when both the front and rear doors are open at the same time, a safety zone is created as both child and parent can get out of the car without a door separating them, reducing the risk of children stepping out into traffic.

FlexDoors add style to increased functionality. Stepping in and out of the vehicle not only feels much more natural, it looks cool and elegant. It's no longer necessary to twist or slide out of the rear seat.

The FlexDoors concept has been successfully market tested and evaluated with Opel Meriva customers since 2006. It s supported by an array of patented locking systems designed to optimize safety.

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