Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Trip computer - general information and component renewal

General information

1. A trip computer is fitted to some top line models, The computer collects fuel consumption and distance data and integrates them with respect to time. In this way it can provide estimates of fuel consumption (both instantaneous and average), speed and range on fuel remaining.

Normal time clock and stopwatch functions are available, and an external temperature sensor is also provided.

2. For detailed operating instructions, refer to the owner's handbook supplied with the vehicle.

3. Testing of the computer and its satellite components is beyond the scope of the average DIY mechanic, but there is no reason why defective components should not be renewed, as described in the next Section.

Component renewal

Temperature sensor

4. Separate the temperature sensor lead at the multi-plug near the left-hand headlamp.

5. Pull the temperature sensor from the front bumper, unclip its lead and remove it.

6. Refit in the reverse order to removal.

Distance sender

7. The distance sender is located on the speedometer cable take-off point on the transmission; except with LCD instruments the speedometer cable screws into the sender.

8. Separate the sender multi-plug, then unclip the sender unit from the transmission 9 Unscrew the speedometer cable (when fitted) from the sender and remove the sender.

10. Refit in the reverse order to removal.

Fuel flow meter

11. The fuel flow meter is located on the wheel housing.

12. Disconnect the battery earth lead.

13. Disconnect the fuel flow meter multi-plug.

14. Identify the fuel hoses, then disconnect and plug them. Be prepared for fuel spillage.

15 Unbolt and remove the fuel flow meter.

16. Refit in the reverse order to removal.

Computer unit

17. Disconnect the battery earth lead.

18. Remove the radio (Section 25).

19. Carefully press the computer out of its location. Unplug its electrical connector and remove it.

20. Refit in the reverse order to removal. A new computer will have to be calibrated on the vehicle; this should be done by a GM dealer.

Computer display lighting

21. Remove the computer, as just described.

22. Grip the bulb holder carefully with pliers and twist it to remove it. The capless bulb can then be extracted and renewed.

23. Refit in the reverse order to removal.

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