Opel Vectra: Opel Vectra Review

The Opel Vectra is manufactured by General Motors and sold under the Opel badge. The Vectra is a spacious family saloon. The Opel Vectra is sold in various countries under various names. In the United Kingdom, the Vectra is sold under the Vauxhall badge. In Australasia it is a Holden car, while in Latin America it is sold as a Chevrolet. However in both Australasia and Latin America the Vectra has been replaced by other cars. Selling the same model car under different badges in different countries is not an unusual practice.

The Opel Vectra is currently manufactured at the Opel Factory Headquarters which are located at Russelsheim, Germany.

The old Vectra was considered to be a laklustre car and was squarely criticized in all parts of the world. Other cars in the same segment such as the Ford Mondeo, which were well accomplished in the European market, were trouncing the sales of the old Vectra. This foerrced Opel to seriously rethink its Vectra strategy and the result is the stunning new Opel Vectra. The new Opel Vectra comes after many long years of research and development, and this car promises to set new benchmarks in its segment.

The new Opel Vectra looks stunningly great, even when parked next to some of its better looking rivals. The Vectras design structure much resembles that of the Mondeo, since both have flared and creased wheel arches. The rear end however, resembles Opels Astra coupe and cabriolet series with the chrome strip and jewel like lamps.Overall the car looks pretty macho and handsome, and thanks to its distinctive headlamps the car has a menacing presence.

The Opel Vectras steel body and frame is based on General Motors brand new state of the art Epsilon platform. The car is bigger than the older vectra in width, height and length. General Motors claims a 76 percent increase in rigidity, which drastically improves the handling as well as the refinement of the car. However since the increase in dimensions increases the weight of the car, the entire body is made of seven percent sheet metal to offset the weight gain.

The increased wheelbase results in greater interior space. As such the new Vectra is a very spacious car. However the Vectra sti;ll cannot compare to Hondas Accord in terms of interior space. The legroom offered by the Vectra too is a touch lesser than that offered by the Ford Mondeo. Seating is a pleasure and the rear seats are especially comfortable. In fact the Vectra comes with one of the most comfortable rear seats in its class.

Currently, India is only the second country after Japan, located outside Europe where the Opel Vectra is being launched.

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