Opel Zafira: Opel Zafira voted most attractive compact van

More than 14,000 readers from the automobile magazine “auto motor und sport” (ams) can’t be wrong: The newest Opel Zafira is not only the most flexible van in the compact class, but the most attractive as well.

With this latest poll, the Zafira firmly cements its leading position among compact vans: This is the fifth time the German trendsetter has been honored with the highly coveted design prize, “Autonis” from ams magazine.

Mark Adams, Vice President Design for GM Europe, knows what it is about the Zafira that excited the Autonis voters. “The flexible Zafira embodies Opel’s competence in monocabs and we will continue to bring new design accents to this segment, as we have already indicated with our Meriva and Flextreme concept cars,” Adams said.

The Zafira’s exterior has a confident and sporty look. Its special characteristic a V-form arrow and typical Opel crease in the hood give it a powerful body shoulder and a sleek aerodynamic roofline.

After an array of discrete design modifications, the second generation Zafira still looks modern and fresh even in its fourth year of sales. Thanks to a long wheel base, wide track and intelligent packaging, the Zafira seats seven passengers in three rows. The unique Flex7 system guarantees maximal variability: With only a few smooth moves, the car can be changed to seat seven, six, five, four, three or two passengers. As a two-seater, the Zafira has a maximum 1,820 liters of storage space. Configured as a five-seater, the car has 645 liters of storage room – making it the best in its class.

Adams accepted the award at the Paris auto show from “auto motor und sport” chief editor, Bernd Ostmann.

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