Opel Meriva: Opel Meriva Reviews : High spirits in the drivers seat

Minivans in the format of the Opel Meriva for young families a great thing. Inside there is plenty of room and you do not carry much in the city parking space. Is a trip planned with the young, the Meriva offers up to five seats and ample storage space for clothes, toys and supplies. If, for example, a purchase at the hardware store, the rear seats are folded twitching and jerking the luggage compartment offers then a loading space of up to 1500 liters.

However, theres a catch at least if you want on the highway too fast on the road. Although the available since the fall of diesel engine with 1.7 liters and 130 hp engine is a decent, but too expensive for young families. For innovation in the equipment package the car will cost at least 24 170. Many useful features such as Park Pilot, and cornering and a tire repair kit but then are standard equipment. opel meriva back auto trend news

Schick, but sometimes impractical. Visually, the Meriva quite like. Looking at this car from a distance, such as the stepped lines just behind the B-pillar and the rear swing-designed the car to the catcher. For a surprise at passers always causes the rear-hinged rear door. Although it provides a very convenient access, but brings in some situations and disadvantages. Namely, when the passengers get off the front and rear simultaneously in a parking lot one is between the two portals and a vehicle next to it caught.

Inside, there is first a disappointment. Did you look at the drivers arranged according to their needs and start the diesel engine, there is something for your ears. The machine is quite loud and sounds pretty rough. Something like this is actually more used by older diesel engines. Has the diesel but warmed up, take it and hardly notice the driver is well on joy; for vehicles of this class is not the main criterion, but still pleasant.

Whether in town or on the highway, the Meriva 1.7 CDTI provides an acceleration of 9.9 seconds and a top speed 196 km / h sufficient absolute values. Thanks to make the precise steering and harmoniously tuned chassis, longer trips fun. Who suffers from back problems should treat yourself to the ergonomic seat. Which is available for the driver and passenger. However, one must ensure a surcharge of 390 (driver seat), or 295 euros (passenger) take into account.

Somewhat at a loss makes the multimedia system. The view of the instrument panel in the center console reveals a complicated arrangement of buttons and knobs, the servicing anything but intuitive. Only after an intensive study of the user manual was convinced by the navigation system with good information. For in addition to the usual information aimed at interesting sights along the way (POI), or the latest traffic information, the device also about the distance to the nearest gas stations clearly on the seven-inch display.

Speaking of Opel is a consumption of 5.2 liters as always a fantastic value. On our test drive of 683 kilometers of the onboard computer of the 1360 kg heavy car, a consumption of 6.6 determined liters per 100 kilometers. Taking account in our case a rather high proportion of congestion in the city and long distances at full speed on the highway, which is an acceptable value. And the fuel savings could be achieved by modern techniques such as a start-stop automatic press yet. But it is only from August 2011 for the 1.3-liter diesel and later give to the other machines.

A slightly lower consumption and attractive price then would be the Meriva in fact the ideal car for city people who are not only traveling alone. In the version we tested, but the car is too expensive and spoils the enjoyment a little. However, the Meriva conjured with diesel generator at the first exit a big smile on the testers face. With a cold engine vibrates the clutch pedal, thus ensuring a pleasant tickling of the sole. However, one expects a reflexology massage to a modern car.

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