Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Airbag system

The airbag system consists of a number of individual systems.

When triggered the airbags inflate within milliseconds. They also deflate so quickly that it is often unnoticeable during the collision.

If handled improperly the airbag systems can be triggered in an explosive manner.

The airbag systems and belt tensioner control electronics are located in the centre console area.

Do not put any magnetic objects in this area.

Do not stick anything on the airbag covers and do not cover them with other materials.

Each airbag is triggered only once.

Have deployed airbags replaced by a workshop.

Do not make any modifications to the airbag system as this will invalidate the vehicle type approval.

In the event of airbag deployment have the steering wheel, the instrument panel, all panelling parts, the door seals, the handles and the seats removed by a workshop.

Control indicator airbag systems. for
airbag systems.

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