Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Load compartment cover

Do not place any objects on the cover.

5-door Hatchback
5-door Hatchback

Lift the cover rearwards, until it unlatches, then remove.

Fit in reverse order.

3-door Hatchback
3-door Hatchback

Lift the cover rearwards until it unlatches, set at an angle, then remove.

Fit in reverse order.


When the load compartment is fully loaded, stow the load compartment cover behind the rear seat backrests: Lift the cover rearwards until it unlatches, then slide down in guides behind the rear seat backrests.


The load compartment cover consists of four segments which can be individually removed and inserted.

The rear segment (1) has identical functionality (removal and installation) to that of the 3-door Hatchback.

To remove the three other segments

To remove the three other segments (order 2 to 4) lift at the rear, disengage, twist and remove.

Install the segments in the order 4 to 1. Engage segments in recesses at the side.

The segments overlap at the connecting points when they are closed.

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