Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Clock

Date and time are shown in the Info-Display.


Set date and time in
Set date and time in

The Infotainment system must be off.

Activate setting mode by holding the 2 seconds. The flashing value is button depressed for approx.

2 seconds. The flashing value is adjusted using the The button.
The button is used to switch to the next
button is used to switch to the next mode and to exit setting mode.

Automatic time synchronisation

The RDS signal of most VHF transmitters automatically sets the time, identified by display. in the

Some transmitters do not send a correct time signal. In such cases, it is recommended to switch off automatic time synchronisation.

Activate setting mode and set it to year setting. Hold the depressed for approx. 3 seconds button
depressed for approx. 3 seconds until and "RDS flashes in the display
and "RDS
TIME" appears. The function is activated (RDS TIME 1) or deactivated (RDS TIME 0) with the using button. Exit setting mode
the Power outlets button.

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