Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Auxiliary heater, Adjustable air vents, Fixed air vents, Air intake

Auxiliary heater

Air heater

Quickheat is an electric auxiliary air heater which warms up the passenger compartment more quickly.

Coolant heater

Diesel-engined vehicles have a fuelpowered auxiliary heater.

Adjustable air vents

At least one air vent must be open

At least one air vent must be open while cooling is on in order to prevent the evaporator from icing up due to lack of air movement.

Set the direction of the air flow by turning the adjuster wheel from right to left and raise or lower the horizontal slats.

To close the vent, turn the adjuster

To close the vent, turn the adjuster wheel to turn the adjuster wheel left or right to its stop.

Fixed air vents

Additional air vents are located beneath the windscreen and door windows and in the foot wells.

Air intake

Air intake
Air intake

The air intake in front of the windscreen in the engine compartment must be kept clear to allow air intake. Remove any leaves, dirt or snow.

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