Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Interruption of power supply, Manual transmission

Interruption of power supply

In the event of an interruption of

In the event of an interruption of power supply, the selector lever cannot be moved out of the P position.

If the battery is discharged, start the vehicle using jump leads.

If the battery is not the cause of the fault, release selector lever: 1. Apply parking brake.

2. Release selector lever trim from centre console at front, fold upwards and rotate to the left.

3. Push the yellow catch forward

3. Push the yellow catch forward with a screwdriver and move the selector lever out of P. If P is engaged again, the selector lever will be locked in position again.

Have the cause of the power supply interruption remedied by a workshop.

4. Mount selector lever trim on centre console and refit.

Manual transmission

Manual transmission
Manual transmission

To engage reverse, with the vehicle stationary wait 3 seconds after depressing clutch pedal and then pull up the button on the selector lever and engage the gear.

If the gear does not engage, set the lever in neutral, release the clutch pedal and depress again; then repeat gear selection.

Do not grind the clutch unnecessarily.

When operating, depress the clutch pedal completely. Do not use the pedal as a foot rest.

It is inadvisable to drive with hand resting on the selector lever.

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