Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Fault, Interruption of power supply


To prevent damage to the manual transmission automated, the clutch is engaged automatically at high clutch temperatures.

A illuminates in the event of a fault.

Continued driving is possible. Manual mode cannot be used for shifting.

If F appears in the transmission display, continued driving is not possible.

Have the cause of the fault remedied by a workshop.

Interruption of power supply

The clutch is not disengaged if there is an interruption of the power supply when a gear is engaged. The vehicle cannot move.

If the battery is discharged, start the vehicle using jump leads.

If the cause of the fault is not a discharged battery, seek the assistance of a workshop.

If the vehicle must be moved out of

If the vehicle must be moved out of the flow of traffic, disengage the clutch as follows:
1. Apply parking brake and switch off ignition.

2. Open the bonnet.

3. Clean the transmission around the cap so that no dirt can get into the opening when the cap is removed.

4. Rotate cap to slacken and remove by lifting upwards.

5. Using a flat-head screwdriver, turn the adjusting screw under the cap clockwise until clear resistance can be felt. The clutch has now been disengaged.

6. Refit cleaned cap. The cap must be in full contact with the housing.

Do not turn beyond the resistance since this could damage the transmission.

Towing the vehicle and starting the engine is not permitted when the clutch has been disengaged in this way, although the vehicle can be moved a short distance.

Seek the immediate assistance of a workshop.

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