Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Brakes, Antilock brake system


The brake system comprises two independent brake circuits.

If a brake circuit fails, the vehicle can still be braked using the other brake circuit. However, braking effect is achieved only when you depress the brake pedal firmly. You need to use considerably more force for this. The braking distance is extended. Seek the assistance of a workshop before continuing your journey.

When the engine is not running, the support of the brake servo unit disappears once the brake pedal has been depressed once or twice.

Braking effect is not reduced, but braking requires significantly greater force. It is especially important to bear this in mind when being towed.

Control indicator Antilock brake system.

Antilock brake system

Antilock brake system (ABS) prevents the wheels from locking.

ABS starts to regulate brake pressure as soon as a wheel shows a tendency to lock. The vehicle remains steerable, even during hard braking.

ABS control is made apparent through a pulse in the brake pedal and the noise of the regulation process.

For optimum braking, keep the brake pedal fully depressed throughout the braking process, despite the fact that the pedal is pulsating. Do not reduce the pressure on the pedal.

Control indicator Adaptive brake light.

Adaptive brake light

During full braking, all three brake lights flash for the duration of ABS control.


If there is a fault in the ABS, the wheels may be liable to lock due to braking that is heavier than normal. The advantages of ABS are no longer available. During hard braking, the vehicle can no longer be steered and may swerve.

Have the cause of the fault remedied by a workshop.

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