Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Towing. General information, Driving characteristics and towing tips, Trailer towing

Towing. General information

Only use towing equipment that has been approved for your vehicle.

Entrust retrofitting of towing equipment to a workshop. It may be necessary to make changes that affect the cooling system, heat shields or other equipment.

Installation dimensions of factoryfitted towing equipment.

Driving characteristics and towing tips

the coupling ball. However, do not do so if a stabiliser, which acts on the coupling ball, is being used to reduce snaking movements.

For trailers with low driving stability and trailers with a permitted gross vehicle weight of more than 1000 kg a speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) must not be exceeded; the use of a stabiliser is recommended.

If the trailer starts snaking, drive more slowly, do not attempt to correct the steering and brake sharply if necessary.

When driving downhill, drive in the same gear as if driving uphill and drive at a similar speed.

Adjust tyre pressure to the value specified for full load.

Trailer towing

Trailer loads

The permissible trailer loads are vehicle and engine-dependent maximum values which must not be exceeded. The actual trailer load is the difference between the actual gross weight of the trailer and the actual coupling socket load with the trailer coupled.

The permissible trailer loads are specified in the vehicle documents. In general, they are valid for gradients up to max. 12 %
The permitted trailer loads apply up to the specified incline and up to an altitude of 1000 metres above sea level. Since engine power decreases as altitude increases due to the air becoming thinner, therefore reducing climbing ability, the permissible gross train weight also decreases by 10 % for every 1000 metres of additional altitude. The gross train weight does not have to be reduced when driving on roads with slight inclines (less than 8 %, e.g. motorways).

The permissible gross train weight must not be exceeded. This weight is specified on the identification plate.

Vertical coupling load

The vertical coupling load is the load exerted by the trailer on the coupling ball. It can be varied by changing the weight distribution when loading the trailer.

The maximum permissible vertical coupling load (vehicles with engine Z 12 XEP: 45 kg, other engines: 55 kg) is specified on the towing equipment identification plate and in the vehicle documents. Always aim for the maximum load, especially in the case of heavy trailers. The vertical coupling load should never fall below 25 kg.

Rear axle load

When the trailer is coupled and the towing vehicle fully loaded, the permissible rear axle load (see identification plate or vehicle documents) for 3-door and 5-door Hatchbacks may be exceeded by 45 kg and the gross vehicle weight rating by 50 kg.

For vans the permitted rear axle load may be exceeded by 25 kg. The permitted total load may be exceeded by the following amounts with the engines specified below: Z 10 XEP = 30 kg.

Z 12 XEP = 25 kg.

Z 13 DTH, Z 13 DTR = 40 kg.

Z 13 DTJ, Z 13 DTI = 35 kg.

Trailer operation is not permitted for vans with tyre size 215/45 R 17.

If the permitted rear axle load is exceeded a maximum speed of 100 km/h (60 mph) applies. If lower national maximum speeds are specified for trailer operation, they must be complied with.

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