Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Engine coolant, Washer fluid

Engine coolant

The coolant provides freeze protection down to approx. -28 C.

Only use approved antifreeze.

Coolant level

Too low a coolant level can cause engine damage.

If the cooling system is cold, the

If the cooling system is cold, the coolant level should be above the KALT/COLD mark. Top up if the level is low.

Allow the engine to cool before opening the cap. Carefully open the cap, relieving the pressure slowly.

Top up with antifreeze. If no antifreeze is available, use clean tap water or distilled water. Install the cap tightly. Have the antifreeze concentration checked and have the cause of the coolant loss remedied by a workshop.

Washer fluid

Washer fluid
Washer fluid

Fill with clean water mixed with a suitable quantity of windscreen washer fluid which contains antifreeze.

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