Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Tyres, Winter tyres, Run-flat tyres


Tyres of size 185/60 R 15 are only approved as winter tyres.

Tyres of size 185/65 R 15 are only approved as winter tyres on vehicles with a sports chassis. We recommend that you contact a workshop in order to find out whether your vehicle is equipped with a sports chassis.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres improve driving safety at temperatures below 7 C and should therefore be fitted on all wheels.

Tyres of size 195/60 R 15, 215/45 R 17 and 225/35 R 18 must not be used as winter tyres.

Run-flat winter tyres may only be used on factory approved alloy wheels.

In accordance with country-specific regulations, affix the speed sticker in the driver's field of view.

Run-flat tyres

Run-flat tyres have reinforced, selfsupporting sidewalls, which ensure
that the tyres always have a certain amount of driveability, even when there is no pressure.

Run-flat tyres are only permitted on vehicles with electronic stability program and deflation detection system.

Check tyre pressures regularly even if run-flat tyres are fitted.

Depending on tyre manufacturer, runflat tyres can be identified from a marking on the tyre wall. E.g.

ROF = RunonFlat for Goodyear or SSR = Self Supporting Runflat Tyre for Continental.

Use of run-flat tyres is only permitted in combination with factory approved alloy wheels.

Do not use a tyre repair kit.

The ECO tyre pressure must not be used.

Run-flat tyres must not be combined with standard tyres.

If converting to standard tyres, note that the vehicle is not equipped with a spare wheel or tyre repair kit.

Vehicles with engine Z 10 XEP: Runflat tyres are not permitted for all rear axle applications. We recommend contacting a workshop.

Driving with a damaged tyre

A loss in tyre pressure is indicated by the deflation detection system.

If a tyre has no pressure, continued driving is possible
■ at a speed of max. 80 km/h (50 mph).

■ up to a distance of 80 km (50 miles).

The vehicle will be more difficult to steer and handle. Braking distance will be longer.

Adapt driving style and speed to the changed conditions.

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