Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Changing tyre and wheel size, Wheel covers, Tyre chains

Changing tyre and wheel size

If tyres of a different size than those fitted at the factory are used, it may be necessary to reprogram the speedometer and make other vehicle modifications.

After converting to a different tyre size, have the label with tyre pressures replaced.

Use of unsuitable tyres or wheels may lead to accidents and will invalidate the vehicle type approval.

Wheel covers

Wheel covers and tyres that are factory approved for the respective vehicle and comply with all of the relevant wheel and tyre combination requirements must be used.

If the wheel covers and tyres used are not factory approved, the tyres must not have a rim protection ridge.

Wheel covers must not impair brake cooling.

Use of unsuitable tyres or wheel covers could lead to sudden pressure loss and thereby accidents.

Tyre chains

Tyre chains
Tyre chains

Tyre chains are only permitted on the front wheels.

Always use fine mesh chains that add no more than 10 mm to the tyre tread and the inboard sides (including chain lock).

Damage may lead to tyre blowout.

Tyre chains are not permitted on tyre sizes 195/60 R 15, 215/45 R 17 and 225/35 R 18.

Tyre chains are only approved on tyres of size 185/60 R 15 on vehicles with a sports chassis. We recommend that you contact a workshop in order to find out whether your vehicle is equipped with a sports chassis.

The use of tyre chains is not permitted on the temporary spare wheel.

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