Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Additional servicing

Additional operations Additional operations are not required

Additional operations are not required every service but can be performed in conjunction with a regular service.

Time allowances for such work are not included in the scope of regular services and will be charged for additionally. It is more economic if these operations are performed as part of a scheduled service than having them performed separately.

Extreme operating conditions Operating conditions are classified as

Operating conditions are classified as extreme when at least one of the following occurs frequently: ■ Cold starts.

■ Stop and go.

■ Trailer towing.

■ Gradients and/or high altitudes.

■ Poor road surfaces.

■ Sand and dust.

■ Extreme temperature fluctuations.

Police vehicles, taxis and driving school vehicles are also classified as operating under extreme conditions.

Under extreme operating conditions, it may be necessary to have certain scheduled service work done more frequently than the scheduled intervals.

Seek technical advice on the servicing requirements dependent on the specific operating conditions.

    Service schedules
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    Recommended fluids and lubricants
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