Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Recommended fluids and lubricants

Only use products that have been tested and approved. Damage resulting from the use of nonapproved materials will not be
covered by the warranty.

Operating materials are
hazardous and could be
poisonous. Handle with care. Pay attention to information given on the containers.

Engine oil

Engine oil is identified by its quality and also its viscosity. Quality is more important than viscosity when selecting which engine oil to use.

Engine oil quality

GM-LL-A-025 = Petrol engines.

GM-LL-B-025 = Diesel engines.

GM = General Motors Europe LL = Longlife.

A or B = Engine oil quality specification.

025 = Validity index.

Engine oil meets classifications GM-LL-A-025 and GM-LL-B-025 and is therefore suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.

Topping up engine oil

Engine oils of different manufacturers and brands can be mixed as long as they comply with the required engine oil (quality and viscosity).

If engine oil of the required quality is not available, a maximum of 1 litre of ACEA A3/B4 or A3/B3 grade may be used (only once between each oil change). The viscosity should be of the correct rating.

Use of ACEA A1/B1 and A5/B5 engine oil is expressly forbidden, since they can cause long-term engine damage under certain operating conditions.

Engine oil additives

The use of engine oil additives could cause damage and invalidate the warranty.

Engine oil viscosity

Use only engine oil viscosities SAE 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-30 or 5W-40.

The SAE viscosity rating defines the ability of an oil to flow. When cold, oil is more viscous than when hot.

Multigrade oil is indicated by two figures. The first figure, followed by a W, indicates low temperature viscosity and the second figure the high temperature viscosity.

Coolant and antifreeze

Use only silicate-free long life coolant (LLC) antifreeze.

The system is factory filled with coolant designed for frost protection down to approx. -28 C. This concentration should be maintained all year round.

Coolant additives intended to give additional corrosion protection or seal against minor leaks can cause function problems. Liability for consequences resulting from the use of coolant additives will be rejected.

Brake and clutch fluid

Only use DOT4 brake fluid.

Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture which will reduce braking effectiveness. The brake fluid should therefore be replaced at the specified interval.

Brake fluid should be stored in a sealed container to avoid water absorption.

Ensure brake fluid does not become contaminated.

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