Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Ignition timing - adjustment

Warning: Voltages produced by an electronic ignition system are considerably higher than those produced by conventional ignition systems. Extreme care must be taken when working on the system with the ignition switched on. Persons with surgicallyimplanted cardiac pacemaker devices should keep well clear of the ignition circuits, components and test equipment

1.3, 1.4 and 1.6 (16SH engine) litre carburettor models and 1.8 litre (18E engine) fuel injection models

Models using leaded (4-star) petrol

1. Static timing cannot be checked with the breakerless ignition system. However, if the distributor is correctly refitted (Section 3), the timing should be accurate enough to start the engine and permit it to run.

2. Dynamic timing, using a stroboscopic timing light, is carried out as described in Part B. Note, however, that the distributor is secured by two nuts instead of a clamp bolt. Note also that on 1.4 litre models, there are two timing notches on the crankshaft pulley; the first represents 10ºBTDC and the second 5ºBTDC (see illustration).

Electronic (breakerless) ignition systems
Crankshaft pulley timing marks - 1.4 litre carburettor models

3. Dwell angle checking and adjustment is not necessary with breakerless distributors.

Models using unleaded petrol

4. The engines used in Cavalier models are designed to run on high octane unleaded petrol.

5. On 1.3 litre (13N and 13NB engines) low compression engines, no modifications are required and the ignition timing remains unaltered. However, on all other models the manufacturers recommend that the ignition timing is adjusted in accordance with the following guidelines.

6. If detonation ("pinking" or "knock") occurs, the timing should be retarded by 3º. If detonation occurs, it may be necessary to retard the ignition timing even further; some experimentation may be worthwhile to achieve satisfactory running.

All other models

7. On these models the ignition timing can be checked using a stroboscopic light, but adjustment is not possible. If the ignition timing is incorrect, the car should be taken to a Vauxhall dealer for testing/adjustment (as applicable).

    Distributor - overhaul
    1.3 and 1.4 litre carburettor models 1. Remove the distributor from the engine, as described in the previous Section. 2. Undo the two retaining screws and lift off the rotor (see illustration). ...

    Ignition HT coil - removal, testing and refitting
    Removal 1. Disconnect the battery leads. 2. Disconnect the LT wiring connectors from the coil, noting their correct fitted positions (see illustration). Disconnecting a coil LT lead (1.8 ...

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