Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Front suspension control arm - removal and refitting


1. Slacken the front wheel bolts, raise and support the vehicle (see "Jacking and Vehicle Support") and remove the front wheel.

2. When fitted, unbolt the anti-roll bar from the control arm.

3. Remove the split pin and slacken the control arm balljoint nut (see illustration).

Separate the balljoint with a proprietary separator and remove the nut.

Suspension and steering
Control arm balljoint nut (arrowed)

4. Unscrew the clamp bolts and the pivot bolts from the inboard end of the arm (see illustration). Withdraw the arm.

Suspension and steering
Control arm clamp bolts (arrowed)


5. Before refitting, clean out the clamp bolt holes with a tap or a bolt with a slot cut in it.

6. Commence refitting by bolting the arm loosely into position. Fit the pivot bolt with its head facing towards the front of the vehicle and use a new self-locking nut.

7. Use new clamp bolts and coat their threads with locking compound.

8. Jack up under the control arm so that it is more or less horizontal, then tighten the pivot bolt to the specified torque.

9. Tighten the clamp bolts to the specified torque. Lower the jack under the control arm.

10. Tighten the balljoint pin nut to the specified torque and secure with a new split pin.

11. Reconnect the anti-roll bar (if applicable).

12. Refit the roadwheel, lower the vehicle and tighten the wheel bolts.

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