Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Check control system - general information

1. Fitted to some higher specifications models, the check control system monitors important fluid levels, brake pad wear and bulb failure. A bank of six or seven warning lights to the left of the instrument panel conveys the information to the driver.

2. All the warning lights should come on for a few seconds when the ignition is first switched on; they should then all go out, except for the stop-lamp warning light, which will go out once the brake pedal is operated. If any warning light stays on, or comes on during operation, the components or system indicated should be checked.

3. The main bulb failure indicator light monitors dipped headlights and tail lights; the stop-lamp indicator light monitors the stop-lamps and stop-lamp switch.

4. The bulb failure monitor unit is located under the facia panel on the passenger side. It is secured by two screws which are accessible after removing the trim and opening the glovebox.

5. The oil level warning light receives information from a sender on the engine.

Obviously a correct reading will only be obtained if the car is parked on level ground.

On early models the sender is incorporated in a dipstick and on later models it is bolted onto the side of the sump.

6. The brake fluid level warning light is controlled by a float switch in the master cylinder reservoir.

7. Brake pad wear is detected by wear sensors incorporated into the pads. This warning light will illuminate during braking if attention is required.

8. Screen washer fluid level is monitored by a float switch in the reservoir. On later models the coolant level in the expansion tank is also monitored by a similar float switch.

9. Renewal of the check control warning light bulbs is covered.

10. Note that fitting bulbs of incorrect wattage may cause the bulb failure unit to give false alarms. For the same reason, the advice of a GM dealer should be sought if it is proposed to wire in a trailer socket.

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