Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Brake servo vacuum hose and non-return valve - renewal

1. The plastic hose fitted as original equipment cannot be re-used; to renew the valve, the hose must therefore be renewed as well. A serviceable valve can, however, be transferred to the new hose.

2. Unscrew the hose union nut at the inlet manifold (see illustration).

Braking system
Brake servo vacuum connection at inlet manifold (fuel injection model)

3. Pull or prise the elbow connector out of the servo (see illustration).

Braking system
Brake servo vacuum connection at servo

4. Cut the hose off the non-return valve, the elbow and the manifold connectors.

5. Cut the new hose to length - it is sold by the yard - and secure it to the valve and fittings using hose clips. Make sure that the arrows on the valve point towards the manifold.

6. Refit the connectors to the manifold and to the servo.

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