Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Clutch

Pedal travels to floor - no pressure or very little resistance

  • Broken clutch cable.
  • Incorrect clutch cable adjustment.
  • Broken clutch release bearing or fork.
  • Broken diaphragm spring in clutch pressure plate.

Clutch fails to disengage (unable to select gears)

  • Incorrect clutch cable adjustment.
  • Clutch disc sticking on gearbox input shaft splines.
  • Clutch disc sticking to flywheel or pressure plate.
  • Faulty pressure plate assembly.
  • Clutch release mechanism worn or incorrectly assembled.

Clutch slips (engine speed increases, with no increase in vehicle speed)

  • Incorrect clutch cable adjustment.
  • Clutch disc linings excessively worn.
  • Clutch disc linings contaminated with oil or grease.
  • Faulty pressure plate or weak diaphragm spring.

Judder as clutch is engaged

  • Clutch disc linings contaminated with oil or grease.
  • Clutch disc linings excessively worn.
  • Clutch cable sticking or frayed.
  • Faulty or distorted pressure plate or diaphragm spring.
  • Worn or loose engine or gearbox mountings.
  • Clutch disc hub or gearbox input shaft splines worn.

Noise when depressing or releasing clutch pedal

  • Worn clutch release bearing.
  • Worn or dry clutch pedal bushes.
  • Faulty pressure plate assembly.
  • Pressure plate diaphragm spring broken.
  • Broken clutch disc cushioning springs.
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