Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Starting off, Parking

Starting off

Check before starting off

■ Tyre pressure and condition.

■ Engine oil level and fluid levels.

■ All windows, mirrors, exterior lighting and number plates are free from dirt, snow and ice and are operational.

■ Proper position of mirrors, seats, and seat belts.

■ Brake function at low speed, particularly if the brakes are wet.

Starting the engine
Starting the engine

Turn key to position 1. Move the steering wheel slightly to release the steering wheel lock. Operate clutch and brake, automatic transmission in P or N, do not accelerate; for diesel engines, turn the key to position 2 for preheating and wait until control indicator to and release key. goes out; turn key
to and release key.

Starting the engine.


■ Always apply parking brake.

Manual parking brake without pressing release button. Apply as firmly as possible on a downhill slope or uphill slope. Operate foot brake at the same time to reduce operating force.

■ Switch off the engine and ignition.

Turn the ignition key to position 0 and remove. Turn the steering wheel until the steering wheel lock is felt to engage.

For vehicles with automatic transmission, the key can only be removed when the selector lever is in the P position.

■ If the vehicle is on a level surface or uphill slope, engage first gear or set the selector lever to P before switching off the ignition. On an uphill slope, turn the front wheels away from the kerb.

If the vehicle is on a downhill slope, engage reverse gear or set the selector lever to P before switching off the ignition. Turn the front wheels towards the kerb.

■ Lock the vehicle with button p on the radio remote control.

Activate the anti-theft alarm system.

■ Do not park the vehicle on an easily ignitable surface. The high temperature of the exhaust system could ignite the surface.

■ Close windows and sunroof.

■ The engine cooling fans may run after the engine has been switched off.

■ After running at high engine speeds or with high engine loads, operate the engine briefly at a low load or run in neutral for approx. 30 seconds, before switching off in order to protect the turbocharger.

Keys, locks.

Laying the vehicle up for a long period of time.

    Manual transmission Reverse: with the vehicle stationary, wait 3 seconds after depressing clutch pedal and then pull up the button on the selector lever and engage the gear. If the gear does n ...

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