Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Heated rear window, Sun visors\, Sunroof

Heated rear window

Heated rear window
Heated rear window

Operated by pressing the button.

Heating functions with the engine running and is switched off automatically after a short time.

Depending on the engine type, the heated rear window comes on automatically when the diesel particle filter is being cleaned.

Sun visors\

The sun visors can be folded down or swivelled to the side to prevent dazzling.

If the sun visors have integral mirrors, the mirror covers should be closed when driving.


Take care when operating the sunroof. Risk of injury, particularly to children.

Keep a close watch on the movable parts when operating them. Ensure that nothing becomes trapped in them as they move.

Sunroof can be operated with ignition on.

Operated via a rocker switch in the

Operated via a rocker switch in the roof console.

Press the button briefly for activation in steps. Hold down the button for longer for automatic opening.


With the sunroof closed, press The sunroof is raised at the rear..

The sunroof is raised at the rear.


Press sunroof in the again with the
sunroof in the
raised position. The sunroof opens automatically until it reaches its end position.

To close: press Caution:.

When using a roof rack, check the free movement of the sunroof in order to avoid damage. It is only permitted to raise the sunroof when a roof rack is installed.

If the top of the roof is wet, tilt sunroof, allow water to run off and then open sunroof.

Do not affix any stickers to sunroof.


Hold down sunroof is until the
sunroof is
completely closed.


The sunblind is manually operated.

Close or open the sunblind by sliding.

When the sunroof is open, the sunblind is always open.


If the system is overloaded, the power supply is automatically cut off for a short time. The system is protected by fuses in the fuse box.

Initialising the sunroof

If the sunroof cannot be operated, activate the electronics as follows: with ignition on, close the sunroof and hold down seconds. for at least 10

Seek the assistance of a workshop to have the cause of the fault remedied.

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    Heated Heated Operated by pressing the button. Heating works with the engine running. It is switched off automatically after a short time. Manual anti-dazzle ...

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