Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Seat position

Only drive with the seat correctly adjusted.

■ Sit with buttocks as far back against

■ Sit with buttocks as far back against the backrest as possible. Adjust the distance between the seat and the pedals so that legs are slightly angled when pressing the pedals.

Slide the front passenger seat as far back as possible.

■ Sit with shoulders as far back against the backrest as possible.

Set the backrest rake so that it is possible to reach the steering wheel with arms slightly bent.

Maintain contact between shoulders and the backrest when turning the steering wheel. Do not angle the backrest too far back. We recommend a maximum rake of approx. 25 .

■ Adjust the steering wheel.

■ Set seat height high enough to have a clear field of vision on all sides and of all display instruments.

There should be at least 15 cm (6 inches) of clearance between head and the roof frame. Thighs should rest lightly on the seat without pressing into it.

■ Adjust the head restraint.

■ Adjust the height of the seat belt.

    Head restraints. Position, Head restraints. Adjustment.
    Head restraints. Position Warning: Only drive with the head restraint set to the proper position. The middle of the head restraint should be at eye level. If this is not possibl ...

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