Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Electronic stability program

Electronic stability program (ESP®Plus) improves driving stability when necessary, regardless of the type of road surface or tyre grip. It also prevents the drive wheels from spinning.

As soon as the vehicle starts to swerve (understeer/oversteer), engine output is reduced and the wheels are braked individually. This considerably improves the driving stability of the vehicle on slippery road surfaces.

ESP®Plus is operational as soon as control indicator extinguishes.

When ESP®Plus comes into action flashes.

Do not let this special safety feature tempt you into taking risks when driving.

Adapt speed to the road

Control indicator .


ESP®Plus can be deactivated by pressing the When ESP®Plus is deactivated the button.

When ESP®Plus is deactivated the control indicator illuminates.

ESPoff also appears in the service display.

Do not deactivate ESP®Plus if a run-flat tyre has lost pressure.

ESP®Plus is reactivated by pressing the the button. ESPon appears in
service display. ESP®Plus is also reactivated the next time the ignition is switched on.

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