Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Tyre deflation detection system, Tread depth

Tyre deflation detection system

The tyre deflation detection system continually checks the rotation speed of all four tyres.

If a tyre loses pressure the control indicator Stop illuminates red.
immediately and check tyre pressure.

Control indicator .

System initialisation
System initialisation

After tyre pressure correction or wheel change, the system must be initiated: Switch on the ignition, press and hold the DDS button for approx.

4 seconds, control indicator w flashes three times.

Tread depth

Check tread depth at regular

Check tread depth at regular intervals.

Tyres should be replaced for safety reasons at a tread depth of 2-3 mm (4 mm for winter tyres).

The legally permissible minimum tread depth (1.6 mm) has been reached when the tread has worn down as far as one of the tread wear indicators (TWI). Their position is indicated by markings on the sidewall.

If there is more wear at the front than the rear, swap round front wheels and rear wheels. Ensure that the direction of rotation of the wheels is the same as before.

Tyres age, even if they are not used.

We recommend tyre replacement every 6 years.

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