Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Oil pump - removal and refitting


1. Remove the camshaft toothed belt.

2. Disconnect the oil cooler lines from the filter housing and move them aside. Be prepared for oil spillage.

3. Remove the camshaft cover and both camshaft sprockets.

4. Remove the belt tensioner and idler rollers.

5. Remove the crankshaft sprocket central bolt, using an E20 Torx socket. The bolt is very tight prevent the crankshaft turning by engaging a gear, chocking the wheels and applying the handbrake, or remove the flywheel cover plate and have an assistant jam the ring gear teeth.

6. Remove the crankshaft sprocket, using a puller if necessary. Note how the tang on the sprocket engages with the keyway in the crankshaft. Recover the spacer from behind the sprocket. Remove the timing belt backplate.

7. Remove the sump, oil pick-up pipe and baffle plate.

8. Unbolt the oil pump from the block and remove it. Clean the pump and block mating faces.


9. Commence refitting by smearing a new gasket with grease and placing it on the pump. Grease the lips of the oil seal and refit the pump, being careful not to damage the oil seal as it passes over the crankshaft.

10. Insert the pump securing bolts. Position the bottom of the pump flush with the sump mating face of the block and tighten the bolts to the specified torque.

11. Thinly coat the outer face of the spacer with sealant to GM spec 15 04 200/8 983 368.

Push the spacer onto the crankshaft.

12. The remainder of refitting is the reverse of the removal procedure. Remember to fit a new camshaft toothed belt.

Oil cooler thermostatic valve - removal and refitting


1. The thermostatic valve is mounted in the oil cooler adapter, just above the oil filter.

2. Place a drain tray under the filter housing.

Remove the circlip from the end of the valve (see illustration).

DOHC (16-valve) engine
Circlip securing oil cooler thermostatic valve

3. Recover the plug, spring and thermostatic element. There will be some oil spillage.

4. Clean and examine the components: renew any which are obviously worn or damaged.


5. Refitting is the reverse of the removal procedure. Check the engine oil level and topup if necessary.

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