Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Distributor - overhaul

1. Remove the distributor from the engine, as described in the previous Section, and then prepare a clean uncluttered working area.

2. Remove the rotor arm, ease the contact breaker arm spring blade away from the plastic insulator and slip the low tension and condenser leads off the insulator.

3. Withdraw the low tension lead grommet from the slot in the side of the distributor body (see illustration) and remove the lead.

Contact breaker ignition system
Removing the LT lead

4. Undo the retaining screw and lift off the contact set.

5. Undo the retaining screw and lift off the condenser (see illustration).

Contact breaker ignition system
Undoing the condenser retaining screw

6. On the side of the distributor body, undo the two vacuum unit securing screws.

Withdraw the vacuum unit and at the same time disengage the operating arm from the peg on the side of the baseplate (see illustrations).

Contact breaker ignition system
Remove the vacuum unit retaining screws (arrowed) . . .

Contact breaker ignition system
. . . and disengage the operating arm (arrowed) while withdrawing the unit

7. Undo the two baseplate securing screws, noting the earth tag under one screw and the spade terminal under the other (see illustration). Withdraw the baseplate assembly from the distributor body.

Contact breaker ignition system
Undo the baseplate retaining screws (arrowed)

8. This is the practical limit of dismantling of these distributors, as none of the components below the baseplate are renewable as separate items. If, however, it is necessary to remove the centrifugal advance springs and weights for cleaning or inspection, this can now be done. Mark each spring and its associated locating post with a dab of paint for identification and then carefully hook off the springs. Ensure that the springs and weights are refitted in the same positions otherwise the ignition advance characteristics of the engine will be altered. The weights can be withdrawn after extracting the small retaining clips (see illustration).

Contact breaker ignition system
Centrifugal advance springs (A) and advance weight retaining clips (B)

9. With the distributor dismantled, clean the mechanical components in paraffin and dry with a lint-free cloth.

10. Check the condition of the contact breaker points.

Check the distributor cap for corrosion of the segments and for signs of tracking, indicated by a thin black line between the segments.

Make sure that the carbon brush in the centre of the cap moves freely and stands proud by at least 6 mm. Renew the cap if necessary.

11. If the metal portion of the rotor arm is badly burned or loose renew the arm. If slightly burnt, clean the arm with a fine file.

12. Check that the plates of the baseplate assembly move freely, but without excessive slackness. If defective the baseplate assembly must be renewed.

13. Suck on the end of the vacuum unit outlet and check that the operating arm moves in as the suction is applied. Release the suction and check that the arm returns to its original position. If this is not the case, renew the vacuum unit.

14. Inspect the distributor body and shaft assembly for excessive side movement of the shaft in its bushes. With the advance weights and springs in position, hold the skew gear at the base of the shaft with one hand, and with the other hand turn the upper shaft clockwise as far as it will go and then release it. Check as this is done, that the advance weights move out and then return under the action of the springs. Finally check the drivegear for wear, chips or pitting of the teeth. It will be necessary to renew the complete distributor if the body, shafts, weights, springs or drivegear are worn or are in any way unsatisfactory.

15. Reassembly of the distributor is a direct reversal of the removal sequence, but apply a few drops of engine oil to the locating pivot posts of the advance weights and to the felt pad at the top of the distributor shaft. After reassembly adjust the contact breaker points, as described in Section 3, and then refit the distributor to the car.

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