Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Ignition module (control unit) - removal and refitting

1.3 and 1.4 litre carburettor models

1. The ignition module is located in the distributor.

1.6 (16SH engine) carburettor models and 1.8 litre (18E engine) fuel injection models

2. The ignition module is located on the coil mounting plate. To gain access, first remove the coil.

3. With the coil removed from its bracket, the module can be unbolted from the mounting plate (see illustration).

Electronic (breakerless) ignition systems
Unbolting the ignition module (1.8 litre model shown)

4. If a new module is being fitted, it should be supplied with a small quantity of silicone grease, which must be applied to the mounting plate to improve heat dissipation (see illustration). Similar heat sink compounds can also be obtained from shops selling radio and electronic components.

Electronic (breakerless) ignition systems
Ignition module and mounting plate - note locating pins (arrowed), and heat sink compound on baseplate (1.8 litre model)

5. Refit the ignition module in the reverse order to removal. Make sure that the locating pins engage with the holes in the mounting plate.

1.6 litre (16SV engine) carburettor models and 1.8 litre (18SE engine) fuel injection models

6.The ignition control unit is located in the engine compartment where it is mounted onto the suspension strut turret. To remove the unit, first disconnect the battery leads.

7. Release the spring retaining tangs and disconnect the wiring connector (see illustration).

Electronic (breakerless) ignition systems
Disconnecting the control unit wiring plug - later 1.8 litre model

8. Undo the retaining screws and remove the unit from its mounting bracket.

9. Refitting is the reverse of removal

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