Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Central locking system - general information and component renewal

General information

1. On models so equipped, electric servo motors cause all the passenger door locks and the tailgate lock to follow the position of the driver's door lock. The major components of the system are as shown (see illustration).

2. An electronic control unit, located in the passenger footwell, generates the electrical pulses needed to operate the lock motors.

Central locking system components (LHD shown, RHD similar)

  1. Central wiring connector
  2. Electronic control unit
  3. Servo motor
  4. Servo motor
  5. Earth point
  6. Driver's door switch

Component renewal

Driver's door switch

3. Remove the door inner trim panel. Peel away the waterproof sheet in the area of the switch.

4. Remove the two securing screws, disconnect the switch plug and unhook the switch from the lock actuating rod. Remove the switch.

5. Refit in the reverse order to removal: make sure that the electrical plug is connected the right way round. Renew the rubber mountings if necessary.

Passenger door and tailgate servo motors

6. Proceed as just described for the driver's door switch. Removal of the tailgate trim panel is achieved by carefully releasing its retaining clips.

Boot lid servo motor (Saloon models)

7. Open the boot lid and remove the plastic cover (see illustration).

Body electrical system
On Saloon models, unclip the cover from the boot lid lock . . .

8. Remove the two nuts which secure the latch mechanism and the two screws which secure the servo motor (see illustration).

Separate the servo motor from the latch, disconnect its wiring plug and remove it.

9. Refitting is the reverse of removal.

Body electrical system
. . . to gain access to the boot latch nuts (1), servo unit mounting screw (2) and the manual release control rod (3)

Control unit

10. Remove the trim panel from the passenger side footwell.

11. On fuel injection models, release and move aside the fuel injection control unit and its bracket.

12. Remove the single screw which secures the control unit bracket to the A-Pillar.

13. Extract the control unit and bracket.

Disconnect the electrical plug and unscrew the unit from the bracket to remove it completely.

14. Refit in the reverse order to removal.

Heated seats - general information

1. In some territories, electric heating elements for the front seats can be specified as an option. The heating elements are controlled by facia-mounted switches, they also incorporate a thermostatic control.

2. Do not use the heating elements when the engine is not running, or the battery will quickly be discharged.

3. In the event of malfunction, first check the wiring and connectors.

4. Element renewal should be referred to a GM dealer or upholstery specialist.

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