Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Checks carried out from the driver's seat


  • Test the operation of the handbrake.

    Excessive travel (too many clicks) indicates incorrect brake or cable adjustment.

  • Check that the handbrake cannot be released by tapping the lever sideways. Check the security of the lever mountings.

Checks carried out FROM THE DRIVER'S SEAT


  • Depress the brake pedal and check that it does not creep down to the floor, indicating a master cylinder fault. Release the pedal, wait a few seconds, then depress it again. If the pedal travels nearly to the floor before firm resistance is felt, brake adjustment or repair is necessary. If the pedal feels spongy, there is air in the hydraulic system which must be removed by bleeding.

Checks carried out FROM THE DRIVER'S SEAT

  • Check that the brake pedal is secure and in good condition. Check also for signs of fluid leaks on the pedal, floor or carpets, which would indicate failed seals in the brake master cylinder.
  • Check the servo unit (when applicable) by operating the brake pedal several times, then keeping the pedal depressed and starting the engine. As the engine starts, the pedal will move down slightly. If not, the vacuum hose or the servo itself may be faulty.

Steering wheel and column

  • Examine the steering wheel for fractures or looseness of the hub, spokes or rim.
  • Move the steering wheel from side to side and then up and down. Check that the steering wheel is not loose on the column, indicating wear or a loose retaining nut.

    Continue moving the steering wheel as before, but also turn it slightly from left to right.

  • Check that the steering wheel is not loose on the column, and that there is no abnormal movement of the steering wheel, indicating wear in the column support bearings or couplings.

Checks carried out FROM THE DRIVER'S SEAT

Windscreen and mirrors

  • The windscreen must be free of cracks or other significant damage within the driver's field of view. (Small stone chips are acceptable.) Rear view mirrors must be secure, intact, and capable of being adjusted.

Windscreen and mirrors

Windscreen and mirrors

Seat belts and seats

Note: The following checks are applicable to all seat belts, front and rear.

  • Examine the webbing of all the belts (including rear belts if fitted) for cuts, serious fraying or deterioration. Fasten and unfasten each belt to check the buckles. If applicable, check the retracting mechanism. Check the security of all seat belt mountings accessible from inside the vehicle.
  • The front seats themselves must be securely attached and the backrests must lock in the upright position.
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