Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Keys, Car Pass


Replacement keys

The key number is specified in the Car Pass or on a detachable tag.

The key number must be quoted when ordering replacement keys as it is a component of the immobiliser system.


Lock cylinders

Designed to free-wheel if they are forcefully rotated without the correct key or if the correct key is not fully inserted. To reset, turn cylinder with the correct key until its slot is vertical, remove key and then re-insert it. If the cylinder still free-wheels, turn the key through 180 and repeat operation.

Key with foldaway key section
Key with foldaway key section

Press button to extend. To fold the key, first press the button.

Car Pass

The Car Pass contains security related vehicle data and should therefore be kept in a safe place.

When the vehicle is taken to a workshop, this vehicle data is needed in order to perform certain operations.

Radio remote control
Radio remote control

Used to operate:
■ Central locking system, ■ Anti-theft locking system, ■ Anti-theft alarm system, ■ Power windows.

The radio remote control has a range of approx. 5 metres (16 ft). This range can be affected by outside influences.

The hazard warning flashers confirm operation.

Handle with care, protect it from moisture and high temperatures and avoid unnecessary operation.


If the central locking system cannot be operated with the radio remote control, it may be due to the following: ■ Range exceeded,
■ Battery voltage too low, ■ Frequent, repeated operation of the radio remote control while not in range, which will require resynchronisation, ■ Overload of the central locking system by operating at frequent intervals, the power supply is interrupted for a short time, ■ Interference from higher-power radio waves from other sources.


Radio remote control battery replacement

Replace the battery as soon as the range reduces.

Batteries do not belong in household waste. They must be disposed of at an appropriate recycling collection point.

Key with foldaway key section
Key with foldaway key section

Extend the key and open the unit.

Replace the battery (battery type CR 2032), paying attention to the installation position. Close the unit and synchronise.

Key with fixed key section

Have the battery replaced by a workshop.

Radio remote control synchronisation

After replacing the battery, unlock the door with the key in the driver's door lock. The radio remote control will be synchronised when you switch on the ignition.

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