Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Bonnet - removal and refitting


1. Open and prop the bonnet.

2. When an under-bonnet light is fitted, disconnect its electrical lead.

3. Mark around the hinge bolts with a soft lead pencil as a guide for refitting. Have an assistant support the bonnet, then remove the hinge bolts from each side (see illustration).

Bodywork and fittings
Removing a bonnet hinge bolt

4. Lift away the bonnet. If it is to be re-used, rest it carefully on rags or cardboard. If a new bonnet is to be fitted, transfer serviceable items (rubber buffers, lock striker etc) to it.


5. Refit in the reverse order to removal, using the hinge bolt alignment marks for guidance when applicable.

6. If the lock striker was disturbed, adjust it to the dimension shown before tightening its locknut (see illustration).

Bodywork and fittings
Bonnet lock striker adjustment

  1. Striker
  2. Washer
  3. Coil spring
  4. Locknut

    X = 40 to 45 mm

7. Adjust the hinge bolts and front buffers until a good fit is obtained with the bonnet closed.

Bonnet release cable - removal and refitting


1. Open up the bonnet and unbolt the cable clip from the rear of the bonnet lock platform.

2. Prise the cable and fitting out of the release slide, using a screwdriver against the spring tension.

3. Inside the car, free the cable from the release lever and bracket.

4. Release the grommet from the bulkhead and withdraw the cable from under the bonnet.


5. Fit the new cable in the reverse order to removal. Adjust the position of the cable under the front panel clip so that, with the release lever at rest, the inner cable is just slack. Check that the release slide moves when an assistant operates the release lever, then close the bonnet and check for correct operation.

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