Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Anti-theft locking system, Activating with the remote control, Anti-theft alarm system

Anti-theft locking system

Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle! The doors cannot be unlocked from the inside.

The system deadlocks all the doors.

All doors must be closed or the system cannot be activated.

If the ignition was on, the driver's door must be opened and closed once so that the vehicle can be secured.

Unlocking the vehicle disables the mechanical anti-theft locking system.

This is not possible with the central locking button.

Activating with the remote control

Activating with the remote control
Activating with the remote control

Press 10 again at the latest
seconds after locking.

Anti-theft alarm system

The anti-theft alarm system is operated in conjunction with the central locking system.

It monitors:
■ Doors, load compartment, bonnet, ■ Ignition.

Unlocking the vehicle deactivates the anti-theft alarm system.

Light-emitting diode (LED)
Light-emitting diode (LED)

During the first 10 seconds of antitheft alarm system activation: LED
= Test, ignition delay,
= Door, load
compartment or
bonnet open, or
system fault.

After the first 10 seconds of anti-theft alarm system activation: LED flashes
= System active.

Seek the assistance of a workshop in the event of faults.


When triggered, the alarm gives off an acoustic signal (horn) and a visual signal (hazard warning flashers). The number and duration of which are stipulated by legislation.

The alarm siren can be silenced by pressing any button of the radio remote control or by switching on the ignition. The anti-theft alarm system is deactivated at the same time.

Alarm siren with integrated battery

The alarm siren monitors the onboard voltage network and triggers an alarm if this network is manipulated (e.g. if the vehicle's battery is disconnected by unauthorised persons). The alarm siren has its own power supply and is therefore not dependent on the vehicle's battery.

If the vehicle's battery is to be disconnected (e.g. for maintenance work), the alarm siren must be deactivated as follows: switch the ignition on then off, then disconnect the vehicle's battery within 15 seconds.

To switch off alarm siren:

Switch the ignition on then off.

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