Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Immobiliser, Convex shape


The system checks whether the engine is allowed to start with the key being used. If the transponder in the key is recognised, the engine can be started.

The electronic immobiliser activates itself automatically after the key has been removed from the ignition switch.

If control indicator A flashes when the ignition is on, there is a fault in the system; the engine cannot be started.

Switch off the ignition and then repeat the start attempt.

If the control indicator continues flashing, attempt to start the engine using the spare key and seek the assistance of a workshop.

If the control indicator illuminates after the engine has started, there is a fault in the engine electronics or transmission electronics or there is water in the diesel fuel filter.

The immobiliser does not lock the doors. You should always lock the vehicle after leaving it and switch on the anti-theft alarm system.

Convex shape

The convex exterior mirror reduces blind spots. The shape of the mirror makes objects appear smaller, which will affect the abilty to estimate distances.

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