Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Child restraint systems

When a child restraint system is being used, pay attention to the following usage and installation instructions and also those supplied with the child restraint system.

Always comply with local or national regulations. In some countries, the use of child restraint systems is forbidden on certain seats.

When using a child restraint system on the front passenger seat, the airbag systems for the front passenger seat must be deactivated; if not, the triggering of the airbags poses a risk of fatal injury to the child.

This is especially the case if rearfacing child restraint systems are used on the front passenger seat.

Selecting the right system

Children should travel facing backwards in the vehicle, until as old as possible. It is appropriate to change the system when the child's head can no longer be properly supported at eye height. The child's cervical vertebrae are still very weak and in an accident they suffer less stress in the semi-prone rearward position than when sitting upright.

Children under 12 years or under 150 cm (5 ft) tall should only travel in an appropriate child restraint system.

Never hold a child whilst travelling in the vehicle. The child will become too heavy to be held in the event of a collision.

When transporting children, use the child restraint systems suitable for the child's weight.

Ensure that the child restraint system to be installed is compatible with the vehicle type.

Ensure that the mounting location of the child restraint system within the vehicle is correct.

Only allow children to enter and exit the vehicle at the side facing away from the traffic.

When the child restraint system is not in use, secure the seat with a seat belt or remove it from the vehicle.

Do not stick anything on the child restraint systems and do not cover them with any other materials.

A child restraint system which has been subjected to stress in an accident must be replaced.

    Airbag deactivation
    Front airbag and side airbag systems for the front passenger seat have to be deactivated if a child restraint system is to be fitted on this seat. The curtain airbag system, the belt tensioners ...

    Child restraint installation locations
    Permissible options for fitting a child restraint system 1 = Only if front passenger seat airbag systems are deactivated. If the child restraint system is being secured using a threepoint seat b ...

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