Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Horn, Windscreen wiper/washer



Press Windscreen wiper/washer.

Windscreen wiper/washer

Windscreen wiper
Windscreen wiper

The lever always springs back to its original position.

= slow. = fast.

= adjustable timed interval = slow.

wipe. = adjustable timed interval

For a single swipe when the = off.

For a single swipe when the windscreen wiper is off, press the lever down.

Run through the windscreen wiper stages by pushing the lever past the resistance point and holding. An acoustic signal sounds at Do not use if the windscreen is frozen..

Do not use if the windscreen is frozen.

Switch off in car washes.

Adjustable wiper interval

To set the wiper interval to a value between 2 and 15 seconds: Switch on ignition, move lever down from position frequency, wait until wiping
reaches the desired interval time and raise lever to After turning on the ignition and.

After turning on the ignition and setting the lever to interval is, the
interval is
set to 6 seconds.

Automatic wiping with rain sensor
Automatic wiping with rain sensor

rain = Automatic wiping with

The rain sensor detects the amount of water on the windscreen and automatically regulates the frequency of the windscreen wiper.

Keep the sensor free from dust, dirt

Keep the sensor free from dust, dirt and ice.

Windscreen washer
Windscreen washer

Pull lever. Washer fluid is sprayed onto the windscreen and the wiper swipes for a few strokes.

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