Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Hazard warning flashers, Turn and lane-change signals

Hazard warning flashers

Hazard warning flashers
Hazard warning flashers

Operated with the The hazard warning flashers activate button.

The hazard warning flashers activate automatically if the airbags deploy.

Turn and lane-change signals

Turn and lane-change signals
Turn and lane-change signals

Lever up = right turn signal.

Lever down = left turn signal.

The lever always springs back to its original position.

If the lever is moved past the resistance point, the turn signal is switched on constantly. When the steering wheel moves back, the turn signal is automatically deactivated.

For three flashes, e.g. when changing lanes, press the lever until resistance is felt and then release.

Move the lever to the resistance point and hold for longer indication.

Switch the turn signal off manually by moving the lever slightly.

Short turn signal

Push lever to resistance point and release. The turn signal flashes three times, e.g. for changing lanes. This function can be activated or deactivated for the key being used.

Acoustic turn signal

The volume of the acoustic turn signal can be adjusted. This function can be programmed for the key being used.

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