Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Reversing lights, Misted light covers, Interior lighting, Interior lights

Reversing lights

The reversing lights come on when the ignition is on and reverse gear is selected.

Misted light covers

The inside of the light covers may mist up briefly in poor, wet and cold weather conditions, in heavy rain or after washing. The mist disappears quickly by itself; to help, switch on the headlights.

Interior lighting

Instrument panel illumination
Instrument panel illumination control

Brightness can be adjusted when the exterior lights are on:
Brighter = Push button Darker = Push button ..

Darker = Push button Hold down the button until the.

Hold down the button until the required brightness is achieved.

Interior lights

During entry and exit of the vehicle, the front and centre courtesy lights automatically come on and then switch off after a delay.

Front courtesy light
Front courtesy light

Centre switch position: automatic interior light.

To operate manually when the doors are closed:
On = Switch position I.

Off = Switch position 0.

Front courtesy light with reading
Front courtesy light with reading lights

Operated with the when the button
when the
doors are closed.

Rear courtesy lights
Rear courtesy lights

Operated with switch (I = on, 0 = off, centre = automatic).

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