Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Load compartment lighting, Reading lights, Centre console lighting, Entry lighting, Exit lighting

Load compartment lighting

The lighting switches on when opened.

Reading lights

Reading lights
Reading lights

Operated with ignition buttons with

Centre console lighting

Spotlight in interior mirror housing.

Daylight-dependent, automatically regulated centre console lighting.

Entry lighting

After unlocking the vehicle, the instrument panel lighting, the front and rear foot well lighting and the information display come on for a few seconds.

Exit lighting

Headlights come on for approx. 30 seconds after the system is activated and the driver's door is closed.


1. Switch off ignition.

2. Remove ignition key.

3. Open driver's door.

4. Pull turn signal lever.

5. Close driver's door.

If the driver's door is not closed the lights switch off after two minutes.

The lighting is switched off immediately by inserting the key into the ignition switch or by pulling the turn signal lever while the driver's door is open.

Activating with the radio remote control

To activate, press button on the
on the
radio remote control twice when the vehicle is locked.

Country-specific version: To switch on the function, press button on the
on the
radio remote control once the vehicle is locked.

Switching on the ignition or pressing button control on the radio remote
will deactivate the function.

This function can be activated and deactivated for the key being used.

Vehicle personalisation.

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